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Hi, I'm Gabriel/Gabbie/Gabe. Preferred pronouns are he/him/his or they/them/theirs. My hobbies include meowing at cats, imitating sims characters, and sleeping. You think I'm joking about those but I'm actually really not its kinda sad Please come to me if you have any questions, I am very helpful (as shown by my URL) Chaotic Good Gnome Bard (3rd Level) Ability Scores: Strength- 10 Dexterity- 10 Constitution- 9 Intelligence- 13 Wisdom- 15 Charisma- 13
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My ballie


talking to people who have good relationships with their dad is so surreal like, what’s that like? what did you do???? how come he doesn’t think you’re a failure?????? how can you just “get on with” and “like” your father????????? how???


CEB: yeah, i dunno dave, i have talked to karkat a lot and i really don’t think he has a thing for me. 

Mako Mankanshoku | KILL la KILL

Mako Mankanshoku | KILL la KILL

I’m making a homestuck/pathfinder crossover project!!!

At this point, I have
Karkat as GM
John as a sylph paladin
Dave as a tiefling fighter
Rose as a Drow sorcerer
Jade as an aasamar witch
Jane as a halfling cleric
Dirk as an elf ranger
Roxy as a kitsune rogue
Jake as a fetchling barbarian

Any thoughts, questions, suggestions, ect?